MCS| Perpetual Futures Contract

Let me introduce you to one of the best and most user friendly Crypto Perpetual Contracts trading platform MCS which actually stands for “My Coin Story”. The platform is a futuristic crypto trading platform and is open across the globe.

The platform was launched in June, 2020 after a successful launch of the testnet in April. The built up before the launch was so huge that the platform received early fame and traders from more than 73 Nations participated in the Mock Trading Competition for BTC/USDT perpetual contracts. The platform received quite healthy data through this before the launch on how to make further improvements.

Interestingly the chairperson of MCS board, David Seo is not at all worried about the eruption of various exchanges in the market. He is not bothered about the competition and believes in doing own things right to survive in the market. The platform gives first preference to as many users as possible about the various unique products which they have.

What do you mean by Perpetual Futures Contract?

It is also as perpetual swap. It is an agreement to buy or sell a crypto at an undefined time in future. The main point of difference between perpetual futures and normal futures is that they lack a predetermined date of delivery. So you can hold the contract forever without the need to renew them as in case of traditional futures. Secondly Perpetuals duplicate a margin based spot market and as a result trade close to the underlying Cryptos’ index price.

Definitely you would have a question that how the Perpetuals duplicate a spot based margin system, so the answer is they have a feature known as funding. Funding occurs after every definite time period. If you hold the asset when funding occurs, you will have to either pay or will receive the funding amount.

Funding = Mark Value X Funding Rate

When the Funding rate is positive, the traders who have taken long positions will pay the short position ones. Whereas if the funding rate is negative, the traders who have taken a short position will pay the ones who have take a lon position.

These type of contracts were first suggested by an economist named Robert Shiller but we’re never really used until in 2016 when exchanges started using Perpetual Contracts for Cryptocurrency. These type of contracts come with a very high leverage, witha margin of over a 100 times.

Why MCS is good for Perpetual Contracts ?

1. Fairness, Trustworthiness and Transperant

MCS provides the most fairest Index Price and Mark Price (determines the unrealised P&L) in the Industry and also the data of any product can be checked anytime, MCS provides a very transperant environment for all traders to build their trust in the platform.

2. Industry Leading Hyper Security System

The security and protection of the traders assets is taken as utmost importance at MCS. They have tied up with the crypto industries’ leading multi-signature cold wallet, Bitgo. In addition to this, they also have an in-house security team who monitors 24X7. If there is any risk, the team reports in real time to mitigate the danger.

3. Optimised Trading System

There are a lot of widgets available and you can easily customise the look and feel of your trading page. A customised trading screen gives the trader a visual satisfaction.

4. 24/7 Multi Language Online Trader Support

The MCS platform has a support team capable of problem solving in various language 24X7. They are working throughout the year to give you a seamless experience. The languages included currently are English, Korean and Chinese. It is a complete trader centric platform aiming to solve the issues of the users quickly.

Financial Engineering Team

MCS has a Financial Engineering Team, which no other competitor in the sector could even think of. The team is responsible for creating various crypto derevatives and financial-level data analysis. The MCS matching engine is divided into different modules and is capable of processing over 250,000 transactions per second.

MCS Ecosystem and Token

The chairperson of MCS Mr.Seo always describes MCS as a platform rather than an exchange. They are looking to expand the ecosystem far beyond Crypto Trading. The profits in the ecosystem are always calculated and settled in USDT. This is because USDT is majorly available in the crypto universe. Also using the digital asset eliminates any third party thus reducing additional costs. The price of USDT is determined by observing the price on seven popular crypto exchanges

The MCS ecosystem also has a native token MCS. As we know that MCS is a centralised derevatives exchange and also provides Defi services, the token is one of its kind as it’s combo of Cefi and Defi token. In Cefi it’s used for fee discounts, providing rewards in the affiliate program and for governance.It is used in all Defi services of the platform i.e liquidity pools, farms and more. The max supply of MCS is 99,999,999,999 tokens. The current rank on the basis of market cap is #5183. The MCS Token was formed by Merging YGGDRASH (YEED) and REMIIT (REMI).

The token is audited by Certik, a global Blockchain and security company so you can be rest assured about the safety and security of the token.

Other Benefits of Using MCS

1) Daily Trading Airdrop

If your trade volume for the day crosses above 0.0022 BTC, you are eligible for Daily Prize pool of rewards. 10 people are randomly selected everyday from the list for rewards.

2) Withdrawal on Demand

To boost the convenience of traders, MCS offer withdrawal on demand between 0000 UTC- 1500 UTC. All withdrawal requests are immediately processed.

3) MCS Super Bonus

Earn upto $500 rewards by completing tasks in the different levels of the Bonus program.

4) Lowest MMR

The Maintenance Margin Rate is the lowest i.e 0.35%

5) MCS Influencer Program

You can earn upto $10,000 per month creating content under the MCS Influencer Program. The more work you do the more you will earn.

  • Tier 1: $500 ~ $10,000
  • Tier 2: $400 ~ $3,000
  • Tier 3: $300 ~ $1,500
  • Tier 4: $250 ~ $1,000
  • Tier 5: $100 ~ $600

Influencers also enjoy comission perks as follows-

  • 40% commissions on trading fees of direct referees
  • 10% sub-affiliate commissions (Upcoming)
  • 15% User Discount Link (Selling Point to Your Followers)

So what are you waiting for ? Create your account now on MCS and start trading. Do join the Indian Telegram Community of MCS for air-drops and contests

Note- Trading in derivatives is highly risky with the Margin involved. Do your analysis before you take an entry or you may liquidate your capital.

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