Travel Care- A Travel Portal for Crypto Lovers.

You would be lying if you say you do not like holidays and travel. If you ask me I am someone who doesn’t at all miss out on a getaway chance. The travel space has restarted its growth journey now that the covid guidelines have eased out. This Industry can be one of the best industries to amalgamate with the crypto world. There are many opportunities as there are only a few platforms that accept crypto payments and no one has tapped the opportunity to provide incentives to the users in the form of their own tokens. The combination of travel with crypto will eliminate the costs associated with payment gateways, card charges, currency exchange fees and also will form a community of crypto travelers. Introducing a platform that provides a solution to this – Travel Care.


Travel Care is founded by a crypto freak travel professionals group. They are on a mission to disrupt the travel industry by bringing in the crypto flavor and aim to be the first choice travel portal. The platform is live with an option of more than 5,000 hotels and a tie up with 600 airlines all around the world.

Why Travel Care?

  1. Best Deals

Travel Care eliminates the middleman and offers the most competitive prices in the market. The organization provides the best deals by charging reasonable fees as compared to 13-15% fee of the travel industry norms. Prices are the key criteria for a travel customer as the flights and hotels are same across all sights hence travel care provides best possible rates to acquire more users.

2. Rewards and Incentives

The added incentive for Travel Care customers is that they get bonuses and incentives in crypto for their bookings as compared to the traditional system of points or a small cashback. The Travel Birds reward program rewards the user $TRAVEL token which they can in-turn stake it for a yield as high ay 60% APY. Since the token is a cryptocurrency based out of the blockchain system, the control of the tokens remains in the hands of the users. Travel Care cannot destroy them and also they do not have any expiry date like cashback points.

3. Above Standard Travel and Hospitality Experience

Travel care is continuously working on enhancing their packages and providing better travel experience to the users. They are looking to add event passes, ticket booking, transfer services which other competing platforms do not provide.

4. Customer Support- 24X7

Travel care takes utmost care about the customer support. It is operational 24X7 a day and any travel related queries right from handling the website or making payments or even any concerns in-transit travel are taken care of. The team tries to provide quick solutions to help the users.

Travel Birds Program

The membership program offers a lot of special offers and higher flexibility to the users. There are different levels under the membership program based on the quantity of $TRAVEL tokens in position and the period of holding. This is completely in contrast with other platforms that offer annual subscription plans for membership. In Travel Care, you can be a member for as long as you want provided that you hold the tokens. If you want to give away the membership, you can simply sell the tokens on an exchange.
The minimum period for holding the tokens is to avoid people who would just buy the tokens for a day and sell it off after availing of the benefits of the membership program.

There are 4 different levels to the membership program-

1) Pink Flamingo
Minimum Holding- 210 $TRAVEL
Holding Period- No minimum
Rewards- 4% cashback in tokens.

2) Indigo Buntings
Minimum Holding- 11,000 $TRAVEL
Holding Period- 30 Days.
Rewards-6% cashback in tokens.
Additional $10 Bonus for leveling up.

3) Purple Martin
Minimum Holding- 63,000 $TRAVEL
Holding Period- 60 Days.
Rewards-10% cashback in tokens.
Additional $25 Bonus for leveling up + premium white glove service.

4) Golden Eagles
Minimum Holding- 210,000 $TRAVEL
Holding Period- 120 Days.
Rewards-15% cashback in tokens.
Additional $50 Bonus for leveling up + travel insurance + premium service + entry to airport VIP Lounge.

5) Arctic Tern
Minimum Holding- 840,000 $TRAVEL
Holding Period- 180 Days.
Rewards-20% cashback in tokens.
Additional upgrades to hotel rooms and travel care welcomes.


The Total Supply of the $TRAVEL token is 210 Million.
The Division of tokens is as follows-
30% Public Presale
27% Liquidity in PanCakeSwap
22% Treasury (Travel Birds, Staking, manual burning events)
9% Corporate
10% Marketing and Growth
2% Initial Development
A Pie-Chart will help better understand this-

There is a 4% charge levied by Travel Care for withdrawal of tokens to any wallet or exchange. Out of this one half amount is burned and the other half is used in marketing and growth budget. There are liquidity pools to maintain the funds. During the public presale round, 90% of the funds which were raised were transferred to PancakeSwap to provide liquidity.

Staking $TRAVEL
The holders of $TRAVEL have the option to stake $TRAVEL in a staking pool. Every quarter the travel care team opens up new opportunities for the users to stake their tokens. The users have a chance to earn a whooping high APY up to 60%.

My Review of the platform

The website is all in all very user-friendly and I love the concept of bringing crypto into the travel industry. Especially the rewards plan where you get membership based on how many tokens you hold and for how long have you held them. I would love to be an avid customer of Travel Care, but I would like some of these changes in the platform-

1) More Competitive Rates
The platform promises competitive rates by eliminating the middleman so I was curious to compare it with MakeMyTrip, which is a leading Indian travel platform. I planned to book tickets return tickets from Pune to Goa (wish I could actually plan a vacay!). On comparing, it is very evident that the prices at Travel Care are higher. This may be because of the conversion rates to INR but as you know travel lovers would prefer low priced alternatives. The prices on Travel Care are almost 15% higher.

A screenshot of Make My Trip’s Rate List.
A Screenshot of Travel Care’s Rate List

2) Payments
The platform currently offers Credit Card and Paypal Payments which is fair enough as its an International Platform. The crypto payments are not yet live. I would like crypto payments to be activated fast so that there is more adoption from the crypto community. Instead of having a Web 2.0 like login feature where we create an account using the email id, making it more like a Web 3.0 platform where the user can just connect their wallet to move ahead can be beneficial when the crypto payments are live.

Connecting a wallet to login.

Other than this there a few minor bugs in the platform which can be taken care of. Looking at the big picture, the platform looks promising and I would surely like to be an active user.

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