Defiant – The DeFi Propagator | Receive News notifications on the go with EPNS

In such a fast-paced Crypto environment where people can become millionaires within seconds or lose everything within the blink of an eye, it is extremely important to stay up-to-date about the crypto space. DeFi, known as the future and alternate financial system is one such part of this breakneck space. If you don’t know what DeFi is then we’d suggest you come out of the rock you’re living under. DeFi has brought in a plethora of investing and earning opportunities.

DeFi has completely eliminated the intermediaries and made the financial world a truly permissionless, secure, anonymous, and transparent platform. With this recent development in the crypto space came the complexity of handling any technological development accompanying difficult steps for undertaking transactions on this platform. But unless we overcome the complexities and comprehend the new advances on the DeFi ecosystem we’ll be unable to exploit good and time-sensitive opportunities for gathering the riches that could be earned after participating in those said opportunities.

But just the mere presence of opportunities on the DeFi platform weren’t enough for the advancement in the mass adoption of DeFi, bringing the day-to-day updates to the attention of the masses through different media outlets and concentrated effort of news channels led to the quick adoption and popularity of the DeFi ecosystem.

To educate users and bring to them thorough research-backed information and news arose The Defiant. The Defiant is one such media outlet that helps in expanding the DeFi outreach. It helps to keep in track the revolutionary changes brought by the DeFi platform which aren’t imaginable or doable in traditional legacy financial systems. It delivers the most major development in the industry.

What is The Defiant?

The Defiant is an essential media outlet for propagating about the DeFi platform. The Defiant is a DeFi centric platform acting as a one-stop-shop accumulating all DeFi related news under one roof. It is a news channel that is open to the economy. It brings to users curated news topics about the advancements in decentralized finance. It also has a dedicated space for streaming educational articles facilitating in grasping the concepts of the Decentralized Finance Space for DeFi beginners and non-tech savvy users thus making it easier for the new entrants to step into the DeFi space. The Defiant is constantly working on eliminating the circulation and spread of any misinformation regarding the DeFi ecosystem.

The Defiant digests and analyzes core and important developments in decentralized finance, aiding to constantly stay in tune with the rapid changes and cutting-edge space of crypto and the alternate finance system. The Defiant publishes data-backed and objective information. It delivers authoritative journalism, reported pieces, written by people able to provide informed analysis on the latest developments in different DeFi projects and protocols.

The Defiant equips users with well-researched, fact-based information of the DeFi platform enabling users to make smart and well-informed decisions concerning DeFi entry and exit strategy or long-term projects to invest in. It breaks down complex topics and projects like DAO, etc, and educates users on such topics this smoothens the process for users to engage with the DeFi space and not fall for scam projects, rug pulls, and make ill-informed decisions due to rumors and news spread without any substantial backing.

The Defiant also circulates its newsletters to users wishing to subscribe to it and trying to stay on top of the progressive and fast-changing DeFi ecosystem. News on The Defiant website is categorically segregated into L1s, L2s, NFTs, Markets, dApps, Governance, etc making it easier for users to navigate the platform. The Defiant also has a dedicated board space for Web 3 jobs.

The research-backed and realistic journalistic platform aids users in analyzing and assessing the vibe of the DeFi marketplace ensuring users make sensible choices and transactions in the DeFi crypto platform.

With all the DeFi information and exclusives available on The Defiant it still lacks a decentralized notification service. Users can benefit from real-time notifications about the information, opinions, research, and other data made available on The Defiant. The platform is unable to send its users direct notifications due to the absence of a decentralized notification service.

To solve this emerges the EPNS protocol. EPNS being a Push Notification protocol will enable The Defiant to send notifications to its users in real-time and open a smooth communication channel with its users.

What will the collaboration of The Defiant with EPNS entail?

First, let’s understand what is EPNS. EPNS is a communication protocol that sends Push Notifications directly to the user’s digital wallet without compromising its security or pulling any data or information from the user’s digital wallet. Thus establishing a secure and decentralized communication channel for different projects with their users. It provides a solution for the lack of decentralized notifications available on the Web 3 platform.

In Web 2 users receive push notifications even when their lives are refilled on the game they’ve installed on their devices but the DeFi space moreover the Web 3 platform lacks such push notification service making users go crazy by constantly checking their devices for getting immediate updates. It is platform agnostic which allows it to send notifications from centralized or decentralized carriers.

With the collaboration between EPNS and The Defiant users can subscribe to the dedicated channel of The Defiant and get real-time push notifications.

For example, The Defiant publishes about a scam DeFi project and since this information is time-sensitive, receiving real-time notification through the EPNS protocol about such scam project will allow the users who have invested in such scam to withdraw their investment as soon as possible. On the other hand, if users miss out on being informed about such news the moment it becomes available they will end up incurring huge and irrecoverable losses.

Thus, the collaboration will benefit the users greatly and make centralized communication redundant and replace it with a decentralized push notifications protocol. Readers will receive on-time updates whenever The Defiant publishes any new article and stay on top of things in the DeFi ecosystem and research about new and upcoming projects that provide good investment opportunities.

EPNS will support The Defiant’s goal in educating and spreading awareness to the readers about the DeFi platform through direct and real-time communication with its readers and users. This collaboration is guaranteed to be fruitful in the long run.

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