Earnifi – It’s raining Airdrops | EPNS helps you to stay updated about all latest unclaimed airdrops.

At present, DeFi is one of the most popular crypto advancements amongst all the other developments and platforms in the World of Crypto. Everyone wants to take part in the get-rich schemes and various opportunities offered by different crypto DeFi projects. The surplus of opportunities offered by potential projects for making investments has instigated the boom of Decentralized Finance which in return has invoked huge interest amongst the public with regard to DeFi.

If you’re someone with even basic knowledge about DeFi be prepared to be constantly approached by your friends and family asking you to tell them all about DeFi and Crypto and give them recommendations about the next and new upcoming projects in the DeFi ecosystem.

But the opportunities in the DeFi realm are spread across various spaces and not on a single and convenient platform. A lot of research and time has to be spent on searching for opportunities available in the DeFi Crypto space. The constant checking for updates on different project and protocol websites can get tedious and provide a dull experience for the users.

Irrespective of the above, DeFi’s popularity rose but not just due to its promising projects and word of mouth marketing but due to a lot of other factors like different media outlets constantly reporting and writing about it or by new DeFi project or protocols sending airdrops to the users of DeFi community.

What are Airdrops?

As a part of a broader marketing initiative crypto project, developers send the existing users of the community airdrops. Airdrops are sent to users of the community to encourage the adoption of crypto projects. Crypto projects send a part of their total supply to the digital wallets of users for free in the hopes of encouraging user engagement with the corresponding projects. It helps in bringing the new crypto project or protocol to the attention of the public resulting in the promotion of the new or upcoming projects.

You can think of Airdrops as a free coupon received by you from a new and upcoming business. Through handing out free coupons the new business is trying to lure in customers to their place of business for cashing out the coupon and in return testing their products and spending more on other products available at their place of business. But in the case of airdrops instead of spending more on crypto projects airdrops aid in spreading awareness about the new crypto protocol or project leading to user engagement with the corresponding project.

Similarly, Airdrops proved to be an infallible scheme for the marketing of the DeFi ecosystem since the DeFi industry was in its nascent stage. New and upcoming DeFi projects sent a share of their total supply to the digital wallet of the users in the DeFi community for free. This triggered a huge amount of active participation of users as users could enter the space without any huge amount of investment and partake in the growth of the project.

But due to the widespread of airdrops on different platforms, it is almost impossible to stay informed about all the airdrops available and as many airdrops are available only for a limited period of time it seldom happens that airdrops expire and users are unable to collect them. To provide a solution for this, Earnifi comes into the picture.

What is Earnifi?

Earnifi, a DeFi project, is an airdrop aggregator platform, it helps in finding free money for users of crypto. Users can find unclaimed airdrops through this project by linking their EVM-chain compatible address (ETH or BSC) to the earnifi service platform. The protocol helps users to dig for airdrops that can expire soon or that have been rendered unnoticed. The project has made the whole process for searching for available airdrops all over the DeFi space hassle-free as it automatically tracks airdrops for the users as soon as they link their address to earnifi.

It also offers a premium service that allows users to link up to 50 addresses but as a basic service, up to 2 addresses can be linked to the earnifi service.

Youtube content creator, DeFi Dawson, created Earnifi. Earnifi helped DeFi users claim over $50,000 within the first 36 hours of its launch. It has been used to notify over three million dollars. At present, Earnifi also gives users an added feature that notifies users about airdrops associated with their provided digital wallet address.

Even with the email service provided there is a lack of decentralized push notification which can lead to users missing out on claiming airdrops as they can expire if not claimed within the specific time frame.

Collaboration between EPNS and Earnifi

What is EPNS?

EPNS is a Web 3 communication protocol facilitating direct communication between the protocols and its users. EPNS has dedicated channels for projects that can be subscribed by the users of the said projects and in return, the subscribers of those channels receive decentralized real-time push notifications sent to them through the project or protocol. Users are unburdened and relieved from the constant checking of the project’s websites or their emails, telegram, or Twitter for receiving updates about the project development that they don’t want to miss out on.

EPNS directly sends users notifications to their digital wallet address. But worry not, these push notifications are decentralized and secure rendering no threat to the data within the user’s digital wallet. Instead, it paves a way for a secure and real-time communication stream between projects and their users.

How will the collaboration with EPNS assist Earnifi?

Earnifi still relies on centralized communication systems for communicating with its users. The email notifications sent by Earnifi can be overlooked and users can miss out on unclaimed airdrops that will expire if not claimed within the time frame it was made available for resulting in the loss of a good opportunity to earn free money.

Under this collaboration, EPNS will enable the users of Earnifi to receive real-time decentralized push notifications about new and unclaimed airdrops. This will help users not miss out on any airdrop and give them a break from constantly checking the Earnifi protocol service platform.

EPNS will open a direct communication channel with the users and help in smooth and decentralized communication with Earnifi and its users. This collaboration will increase user engagement with Earnifi and help Earnifi users in reaping the complete benefit of the platform.

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