TokenBrice – Break DeFi Stigma with EPNS

Even with the immense popularity gained by the world of cryptocurrency. Most people in the world have only a vague idea about what is a cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and NFTs. For them, they are just jumbled-up words scaring them off thinking that they are too risky and way beyond a layman’s understanding.

At present, there is a lot of stigma around the crypto space. Many leaders think that crypto is as good as gambling, a few countries have imposed extremely high rates of taxation and a few nations tried to ban crypto transactions.

The fear of the crypto space is rooted from a place of lack of understanding and knowledge about the technology behind them, no awareness about their use cases besides P2P transfers, and the volatility present in the crypto world.

The only way to overcome the fear and spread awareness about the crypto world is through educating the masses about blockchain technology, what are cryptocurrencies, what is DeFi, how to make profits through DeFi, what strategies to apply in a volatile market, ways to create and sell NFTs, and NFT games to peak interest of the people.

Various channels and media outlets are required and to be set in place to propagate and make people or existing users aware of the benefits and use cases of everything in the world of crypto.

TokenBrice is one of those channels that aims to educate the masses about the DeFi space and the latest trends in DeFi.

What is TokenBrice?

The transformation brought in the financial system through Decentralized Finance has been groundbreaking. Activities like lending and borrowing have become a one-tap process between individuals without the interference of any centralized authority through digital wallets without any paperwork or credit score thresholds thus allowing anyone or everyone to participate in this alternate financial system.

An alternate source of passive income has been generated through interest earned via yield farming. Liquidity pool smart contracts enable users with idle cryptocurrencies or tokens to provide liquidity and earn incentives and governance tokens are rewarded.

But for a non-tech savvy person or a new entrant the DeFi ecosystem can seem like a complex platform which can leave them baffled and incur huge losses if not careful and well informed.

Hence, educating people about DeFi is of utmost importance as users can miss out on opportunities in the DeFi space and thus promote the participation and growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

This is where TokenBrice comes in to picture. TokenBrice is a DeFi-centric educational blog and a DeFi news channel promoted and created by active DeFi users.

TokenBrice’s mission is to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone, thus making it a broad mission. It aims to promote decentralized finance amongst international communities mostly focusing on the francophone community.

The Blogs on TokenBrice are in English and French thus making it easier for French-speaking people to participate in Decentralized Finance.

On TokenBrice, blogs related to fundamental concepts related to decentralized finance and NFTs are posted. Analysis of new mechanisms and projects is done with people directly involved in the new DeFi projects.

TokenBrice Blog functions on a few simple principles. They are as follows:

A. Openness: The content on TokenBrice is free and has no copyright issues. TokenBrice gives permission to anyone wanting to translate or re-use the blog content as long as the content is made freely available to everyone and the original content is linked to (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license).

B. Privacy Conscious: To make the blog privacy-conscious there are no intrusive trackers on the website and it maintains complete IP anonymization and cookies non-propagation. TokenBrice depends on Hugo and Matomo they are open source frameworks and solutions.

C. Transparent: As the blog resides in a GitHub repo-online software development platform used for storing, tracking, and collaborating on software projects, all edits are logged where anyone can track and follow all changes made.

D. Free: The Blog is completely free, there are no sponsored posts or promoted posts and no source of funding on the website but users can support the platform by donating through Gitcoin Grants.

Thus the TokenBrice platform is free to use, available in French and English, completely open, and intrusive tracker free. It facilitates the propagation of DeFi mechanisms and new developments made and helps to gain insight into the people involved in the development and launch of the DeFi protocols or mechanisms. Gives us information from level ground zero making the information more authentic.

TokenBrice has a dedicated space for beginners to learn about Decentralized Finance, breaking down the fundamental concepts for new entrants and making it easier for them to enter the DeFi space with steps spelled out for beginning their DeFi journey and for making the most of all the opportunities available in the DeFi ecosystem. TokenBrice has made it easier for users to navigate the DeFi space.

The creator of TokenBrice also has other projects like DeFi Finance – a French discussion group about decentralized finance.

Collaboration between TokenBrice and EPNS

TokenBrice values openness, privacy consciousness, and transparency and to take things to the next level, it would prefer sending completely decentralized push notifications to its users. EPNS protocol sends push notifications to users without pulling any information from the user’s digital wallets thus coinciding with the principles followed by TokenBrice.

TokenBrice has collaborated with EPNS to send decentralized push notifications to its users while maintaining and keeping all its principles intact and fulfilling its mission to spread knowledge and educate people about decentralized finance.

The dedicated users of TokenBrice who subscribe to its channel on the EPNS protocol will receive the instant push notifications directly to their digital wallets instead of through any other centralized communication media channel regarding any new blog or article being posted on the TokenBrice website and they won’t miss any other updates from the creator of TokenBrice.

The users will be informed about the latest trends, happenings, and investment opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem, and instant push notifications through EPNS will let them exploit the opportunities available in the DeFi market before the market is saturated and the profits earning chance is missed or lowered.

Through this collaboration, more users will participate and engage with the decentralized finance space thus spreading awareness to the corners of the world and breaking the stigma related to the DeFi Crypto Space.

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